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Nature and culture of Mino region
—The origin of KAI’s craftsmanship—

KAI Group was established in 1908 in the city of Seki located in the Mino region, the Southern part of the Gifu prefecture. Thanks to its abundance of natural resources, high quality ore and pure water, the city has thrived since ancient times and is known as the “city of blades”. Swords made in Seki were highly coveted by feudal lords who have left their mark in history.
The spirit of craftsmanship which developed in the lush natural environment is also reflected in other traditional crafts such as the Mino washi and Mino ceramics. Mino washi is considered the best Japanese paper and has been used for over 1,300 years for Shakyo, the Buddhist practice of transcribing sutras (Buddhist sacred texts).The sophisticated Mino ware tea bowls and accessories are cherished for tea ceremonies
KAI Group has inherited the spirit and technology of craftsmanship which has continued uninterrupted in this land and is still delivering beautiful and quality products to the world.

Master sword-makers were faithful to the Buddhist teaching of “破邪顕正” (Hajya kensho, meaning “smash vice and iniquity, and restore light to righteousness). They put their souls into each and every blade that they made.

Mino washi is known as the very best Japanese paper. It has been used for over 1,300 years for the Buddhist practice of transcribing sutras.

Mino ware, long cherished by masters of tea ceremony and many cultural figures.

Mino region is at the confluence of three major rivers including the Nagara River which is renowned for its purity.

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