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The grater series: refinement and precision that achieve a new dimension of artistry.

Simply set the blade of your choice into the main grater unit to broaden your culinary horizons. There is a selection of six blades: three types of grater blades, one micro-slicer blade and two types of julienne blades.
The three grater blades are not only ideal for cheese; they can also grate a wide variety of ingredients in different widths for more delicate and beautiful finishes.
The adjustable plate of the micro-slicer means that slice thickness can be adjusted to a precision ranging from 0.3mm to 1mm approximately. The high level of precision and sharpness are unprecedented.
The two types of julienne blade can produce widths of 2mm and 1mm approximately. They serve to bring out the delicate taste of a wider variety of ingredients.

Whichever blade one uses, enjoying the process itself is integral to the creative process and the resulting dish becomes a work of art.


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