Michel BRAS Michel BRAS


Transform the appearance of food with ease, creativity and speed. 

The mandoline has a majestic presence in the kitchen. Five interchangeable blades combined with the ability to adjust slice thicknesses up to a maximum of 10 mm offers a surprising variety of slices and julienne cuts.
From slices so thin that they become translucent to thicker slices or waffle cuts, the mandoline provides any cook with a wide spectrum of beautiful and efficient options.
Using a “Michel BRAS” mandoline will ignite or restore a sense of of excitement when cooking.

By rotating the knob located on the top of the main unit, the platform can be raised or lowered easily to obtain your desired width, up to 10mm.
By combining a slicing blade with a julienne blade, three different julienne widths can be achieved (3mm, 7mm, and 10mm).
The food cart holds food securely in place and serves to further protect fingers and ensure your safety.

Movie: Mandoline


Main unit
<Stand folded>: 130 mm (length) x 130 mm (width) x 80 mm (height)
<Stand unfolded>: 400 mm (length) x 130 mm (width) x 245 mm (height)
Weight: 1700 g (without the blade)

Slicing blade

Use the slicing blade

Crinkling blade

Waffle cut
Use the crinkling blade

Crinkle cut
Use the crinkling blade

Julienne blade 3mm
Blade pitch: 3 mm

J3mm width julienne
Use the slicing blade
+ 3mm julienne blade

Julienne blade 7mm
Blade pitch: 7 mm

7mm width julienne
Use the slicing blade
+ 7mm julienne blade

Julienne blade 10mm
Blade pitch: 10 mm

10mm width julienne
Use the slicing blade
+ 10mm julienne blade

Food cart
Size: 145 mm x 145 mm x 65 mm

Blade storage case