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Your closest companion “Quotidien”
makes everyday cooking more creative.

“Quotidien” was launched as the most casual and easy-to-use kitchen knife, yet. True to its name which means “everyday” in French, this group includes three knives that can be used for everyday cooking.

As with the ten original kitchen knives, each knife is finished with care as reflected in their sophisticated shape, titanium-coated blades and manually assembled handles. Despite their superior specifications, they can be used in a casual way.
These knives are perfect whether for first-time users of “Michel BRAS” products or for daily use by connoisseurs.

Movie: Quotidien

Fruit knife, perfect as your first “Michel BRAS”. Also ideal for preparing vegetables.

Total length: 180 mm
Blade length: 78 mm
Total width: 21 mm
Weight: 57 g

It can handle all types of tasks from preparing vegetables to fish.

Total length: 235 mm
Blade length: 121 mm
Total width: 23 mm
Weight: 74 g

It makes it simple to perform any task from julienne cuts to finely chopping or slicing vegetables.

Total length: 278 mm
Blade length: 150 mm
Total width: 27 mm
Weight: 96 g