The Michel BRAS cutlery series offers you beauty and elegance.

Introducing the Michel BRAS cutlery line: dinner knife, fork and spoon; coffee spoon, and a cutlery rest. Designer Olivier Douzou designed this series based, like the cooking knives, upon Michel Bras’s vision; combined with KAI’s technical expertise, the line became a reality. The perfectly round handle and long elegant form of the Japanese chopstick served as the inspiration for the series, both in terms of the beauty and function of each implement. The Michel BRAS brand strives to marry two highly diverse materials, stainless steel and black resin; the resulting combination being a contemporary style unique to Michel BRAS. The shape of the spoons is exceptionally graceful; that of the fork mimics traditional French style with its four tines lined up, evenly. The knife, with the back of the blade angling down toward the tip, is designed after Michel Bras’s much-loved Laguiole knife, from his native region. The miniature log-shaped cutlery rest completes this set, designed both for ultimate function as well as to emphasize the artistic beauty of your table setting. The color and form of the cutlery have been carefully blended to compliment the knife series. Whether in the kitchen or at the table, you can fully enjoy the ultimate in functional as well as artistic beauty.

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  • Total length 214mm
  • Total width 42mm
  • Weight about 65g


  • Total length 214mm
  • Total width 21mm
  • Weight about 53g


  • Total length 219mm
  • Total width 16mm
  • Weight about 59g

coffee spoon

  • Total length 149mm
  • Total width 30mm
  • Weight about 23g

cutlery rest

  • Total length 105mm
  • Total width 16mm
  • Weight about 33g