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The surface of the knife has become blue, why?
From what you have told us, it seems that when you cleaned your knife, a small amount of dishwashing liquid which wasn't rinsed off, dried on your knife, making it look dark-blue.
To ensure a matt and beautiful finish, very small bumps are made on the surface of the blade when it is covered with the titan coating. Because of these tiny bumps, washing liquid can be caught more easily when compared to ordinary knives, if it is not rinsed off carefully. We therefore recommend cleaning and rinsing the knife carefully immediately after use. This type of change in color (due to washing up liquid) can be remedied by cleaning the knife with a melamine sponge. Of course, it is always possible to request a complimentary knife sharpening service.
The titan coating has peeled off. Can you re-coat the knife?
We don't provide this service as it requires dismantling the knife and removing the old titan coating completely.
Although titan is an extremely hard material which lasts for a long time, it can thin out gradually over time and with the use of a whetstone (notice: titanium is not dangerous if absorbed by the body). We had the opportunity to observe some of our customers' well-used knives where the titan coating has become thinner and we think they had a great atmosphere.
How many years does the warranty period cover ?
When used under normal circumstances, a limited lifetime warranty covers all manufacturing defects. Our knife sharpening service is provided independently of the warranty period. For any other accidental damage or damage on the handle, please contact our customer services.
I washed the knife carefully, but there are dark spots that I can't get rid of. What are they?
It seems rust has occurred under the titan coating. It should stop spreading if you keep the knife clean and take care of wiping off the water. When you wash your knife, give the blade a final rinse in very hot water before wiping it to help water evaporate and eliminate any trace of moisture.
I would like to get my knife re-sharpened, but how long does it take ?
It depends on how busy we are at the time you apply for this service, but it takes 2 weeks generally, 4 weeks maximum.
Is it possible to exchange the sheath ?
We can provide you a new sheath, but you will be charged for this service. The price depends on the item, so you should contact us for further detail. Please give us 4 weeks maximum as we will engrave your knife's serial number on it.
Do you have knives for left-handed people ?
Currently, we don't make knives for the specific use of left-handed people. But all our knives can be used by southpaws and we invite you to try them at a store.
Can we sharpen the knives with a regular whetstone ?
Yes, it's possible. We also provide a whetstone for the exclusive use of Michel BRAS knives to achieve their original sharpness.
Can I use bleach on the knives ?
Even with stainless steel which is difficult to oxidize, the use of chlorine-based bleach can damage the naturally occurring oxide film on the knife surface. Please take care that you never user bleach right after sharpening your knife as it can cause rust on the blade.
The maple wood sheath has cracked.
The bolster of Michel Bras knives which binds together the blade and the handle is designed with a curved shape, thick towards the handle and thinner towards the blade ; so forcing the knife into the sheath with excessive pressure may cause cracks in the sheath. Please slide the knife gently back into the sheath to avoid any damage.
Cracks may also occur if the knife drops accidentaly while it is stored in the sheath or if the edge of the sheath knocks against something else.
I can't remove the knife from the sheath.
Have you stored the knife correctly into the sheath? The line on the sheath (located on the side with the serial number) must be aligned to the line on the knife blade (also on the side with the serial number) before sliding the knife into the sheath. The knife may remain stuck inside the sheath if it is inserted in the wrong way.