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Nature and culture of Aubrac
—The source of Michel Bras’ inspiration—

In the past, local shepherds viewed their knife as their “companion for life”. At the end of their working day, they would thrust their knife down into the earth and pray.

The high plateau of Aubrac, the land which Michel Bras describes as “dominated by silence, filled with sunlight”, is located in the Southwest region of France. From spring to summer, herbs and flowers blossom as far as the eye can see on this verdant plateau, permeated by the buzzing of bees. His signature dish, a salad called “Le Gargouillou,” was inspired by this setting.
The village of Laguiole, where BRAS’ restaurant “Le Suquet” is located, produces the renowned Laguiole knife loved by sommeliers worldwide. It drew its inspiration from a knife that has long been used by local shepherds.

“Le Suquet” stands in total harmony with the Aubrac plateau.

The beautiful Gargouillou.salad is comprised of over
seventy different seasonal vegetables, herbs and flowers.

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