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—The fusion of Michel Bras’ sensibilities and KAI’s technology—

Michel Bras and Koji Endo, President of KAI Group

“Michel BRAS” brand started in 2005 with a range of seven knives. The exceptional chef, Michel Bras, and the long-established Japanese blade maker KAI Group worked together without compromise towards their common goal of creating “the best possible knife”.
Michel Bras was at an international trade fair when he first held a KAI product in his hand. At that moment, he knew intuitively that the company could create the knives that would meet his ideals. And when the President of the KAI group, Koji Endo met Michel Bras, he was attracted by the curiosity of this man who seemed to possess all the virtues of an ancient sage. Endo knew that he wanted to create knives that would be worthy of Michel Bras.
As they started to work together, each discovered that they shared many experiences in common. Michel draws his inspiration from his beloved birthplace Aubrac, while KAI Group is rooted in Mino, a region blessed by an abundance of natural resources that have nurtured many skilled craftsmen. Both Laguiole, the village where Michel grew up, and the city of Seki, where KAI Group was established, are also renowned for producing knives
Michel himself describes the seven knives that were born from this collaboration as “cutting-edge jewelry”, perfect and beautiful.

Today, the range has grown to include a far larger selection of knives as well as a variety of kitchen utensils. Each item is much more than a simple kitchen utensil: it is a companion that helps to enhance the creativity of anyone who loves cooking.

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