A grater that magically transforms textures.

The grater can finely grate various ingredients with a light touch. Discover a new dimension in the grated food’s texture.Enjoy a truly satisfying cut combining sharpness and delicacy. An easy back and forth stroke is all that is needed to grate food efficiently. The grater comes with three types of spare blades. All the blades grate food with each forward and backward stroke. The blades can be changed in one easy movement.

Spare blade 1
Reduces dry food into powder. This blade is especially suited to finely grate root vegetables.

Spare blade 2
For serious grating. A different finish will be achieved depending on the density of the food that is grated. Enjoy various results, from coarse to fine grating.

Spare blade 3
For gentle grating with all sorts of ingredients. This blade produces beautifully light and delicate flakes.

  • Total length: 310 mm(With the blade) 178 mm(Spare blade length)
  • Total width: 64 mm(With the blade) 60 mm(Spare blade length)
  • Weight: 190g(With the blade) 40g(Spare blade weight)

Blade shape/ Blade width:

  • Spare blade 1: Triangle / 2.4 mm
  • Spare blade 2: Round / 3.7 mm
  • Spare blade 3: Ribbon / 9.8mm